Sunday, June 19, 2011

YOU TOO! Can make that BIG MONEY! a downward spiraling slow train wreck,we have no money so we ate our pet economy.

"Commander,someone for you at the door."
"NO REALLY! Is that what that ding dong was."

"Good afternoon sir.I'm going door to door selling GRIT to earn extra money and win my choice of neat prizes."

"Can I put you down for a copy? HUH mister?"

let me think.
let me think.
"Who's that?" "A salesman." "He is very persuasive." "Do you think he may have Bio Matrix Algorithm's monthly." " THAT WOULD BE HOT!"
"OK do you have what these LA LA's want?"
"Your in LUCK! One COPY left!"
"super..."  " super...duper..."

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