Monday, August 29, 2011

CAREERS IN THE S.A.C.The future is bright.

That's right! Due to our corporate expansion we are in need of command structured personnel.

Locations available are on the D.M.Z.  from formally Manitoba Canada through, South Dakota, Kansas and parts of former Texas along the United States of the Americas borders.

This is for a 2 year contract as CENTURION CLASS CFC1.
Duties required but not limited too:
Crowd Contol nutrition centers
Clone Detention at New Alkatraz (former Cuba)
Reticulan UBE Detention Bio Hazard Labs
H20 storage facilities ( special clearace required from corporate H.Q. New Hong Kong, British Isles)

What we offer:
Food Rations Daily!
5 Litres of H2O
D1665 selected areas
No Lotto or partner selection
2 offspring of your choice!

If you have the capacity of command, we can build you and take you to the next level.
Membership brings privilage.

See your H.R. Recruiter on S.A.C. book today.

COPYRIGHT SINO-AMERI-CORP. 2021 all rights are the sole property of the SAC. this is fiction had it been real the future sucks.

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