Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The TOYLAND....MISFIT....WARS 10 years later.....

Heading into the 10th year of occupation on the Misfit isles by the E.L.F. special forces, the elite right fist of SANTA.

Originally starting off as a campaign to bring joy to children all over the world, it turns out that there is a vast unharnessed  source of free toy components.

Lobbied by corporate candy and toy special interest's Santa increases Toy land Troops to 50,000 and the promotion of Yukon jack to General, he allies with the Abominable snow men.

With the assassination of King Moon Racer, Charlie in the box becomes commander in chief, the Misfit toys are now allies with the Gummy Bear Confederacy and the GO BOT nation. The Transformers have taken a neutral position on the war due to heavy loses with the Humans.

Due to the long fought out battle " MISSION COMPLETE" is now costing Santa politically and Jack Frost is leading in both the north and south poles and Toy land. 

The citizens of toy land are suffering economically and unemployment is at an all time high. Sugar,candy,gumdrops, licorice prices are now out of most of toy land's citizens reach, due to candy rations for the troops, inflation and the market fluctuation of Monopoly Money .

Many damaged toys are returning home to find that their children owners have grown up and don't need them anymore, and do not qualify for stuffing, sewing or wood putty repairs.

There is an increase in the use of Imitation sugars and Cyclades "SIN THO" is now rampant in the streets. It is believed that the "LOLLY POP GUILD" is transporting  shipments across the borders with the help of "Hei Kool Aid" Big Pappa sugarcane king.

We will bring you updates as they become available.
This is the Candy  News Network.

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