Friday, October 21, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi.....The End.



  1. Not funny.
    I'm sorry but when dealing with some issues one has to be very careful.
    BUut this is me.

  2. Thanks for the response,sometimes catoons are not meant to be funny,sometimes uncomfortable,but they give the viewer something mainstream media lacks. DaD O Matic

  3. I think that cartoons is about truth and critics when they talk about politics.
    The best cartoonists we have in Brazil, especially those whose work are at the mainstream media, are critical.
    That is what I was trying to say.
    Maybe I understood it in the wrong way but what I see is the official version in this piece.
    I'm sorry if I don't understand.
    I only wrote because I like your work.
    I'm following you.

  4. Hi Ana,

    thanks for the comment,oppulence= the man was worth 200B, he loved blonde nurses, the little animal in his hand, he could have anything, in the end he was just dead, and somebody had to remind him.This was based off a american commercial, but it used a Russian mogal, for a good deal on satelite TV.

    I'm glad you like the work,sometimes good sometimes controvercial,but it is what pops in my head and that's what I draw.

    And conversation is really what the end result is. Amazing two people having a conversation half a planet away.


    DaD O Matic


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