Monday, July 23, 2012


I made this today, it was emotionally difficult, I watched a YouTube video where the Anaheim P/D opened fire (with rubber bullets) on men, women and children who were protesting the shooting death of a man by police, then the K-9 was released on a woman. It took me a few times to watch the whole thing. The Colorado movie shooting is tragic,but this is different, this was preventable, regardless of what a mans nationality or ethnicity, creed, color, religion etc... there are still basic HUMAN rights. If a soldier did this in service, he would be arrested, but here in America it's OK, cause they're different, poor, uneducated, alien, they don't matter, waste...BUT they MATTER to ME, this picture is already being viewed by people in other countries.The GENIE is out, 1 voice, 1 drop into the mighty river crashing to the sea, an unstoppable force. "You can not KILL me, for I am an IDEA, and IDEA'S can not be DESTROYED." and MY KUNG FU is STRONG. ps: that's a quote from the movie V is for Vendetta and yes I'm mortal don't kill me. Be good to yourself and others, then maybe, someday,  I won't have to draw something like this ever again.


  1. Hi,
    I'm Brazilian. Don't worry because we are not judging Americans. We know about US foreign policy and it has nothing to do with American people who are also suffering under this crazy regime.

    1. Thanks Ana for the comment,it seems here in America,the police operate with impunity,and seldom if never do they get charged with a crime, usually a slap on the wrist and a paid vacation.Here in America if your poor or different or of color,or of a differnt faith, you more than likely will not be treated well by the police.And it has become a battleground upon itself.As a cartoonist,I enjoy creating gags that can get a laugh(hoping)but I as a artist, must convey to the best of my ability,a view,exposure of corruption so that those who represent the people understand fear.


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