Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Red Bull gives U Winggs..or Death by Energy Drink.

WOWZERZ! alleged 27 year old Vorayuth Yoovidhya (say that 3 times) heir to the Red Bull empire in Thailand. He was drivin' along, singin' a song playin' with his ding dong, when he hit a thai motor bike policeman denting his silver Ferrari (boo hoo) and dragging the body 200 meters under its wheels. The Ferrari's wheels not the not the police bikes wheels DUHHH...
Well all is well in Red Bull land, the Yoovidahoohooboobiewop driver is gonna take the fall. As for the policeman, everytime you here the crack of a Red Bull can another policeman gets his winggs.
now if you'll excuse me Ima gonna crack open a can of KRONIK and putt around in my 91 POS Honda, drivin' along, singin' a song, playin with my ding dong.

update:He has been  charged,but we'll see what happens next.

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