Friday, December 21, 2012

21st century Bankster Gangster: O.G.4g SUPER VILLAIN!

 From the bowels of GREED of man comes a new evil.
Created from the black tar of WallSreet and the finance industries, corporate lobbying,cheating,lies and criminal activities,deleted files,erased e-mails hidden offshore accounts,stolen pensions of the average person.

In a haste to save their asses from govt. prosecutors, bank executive,hedge funders,and the like create central repositories offshore to hold all their Ill gotten booty, laundered narco cash and terror money received from arms dealers sultans, kings, and Oligarchies.

Trillions of blood dollars,password codes,encrypted messages, admissions of guilt. Pretty much a ware house of darkness,they felt secure that their Oubliette was safe.

As time passed and blood accounts grew,something was happening, all this money and all these names and places and numbers drew a picture, created a bizarre unreality and being tied to the Internet ,creating a dark world.

At 3:33 am on a Tuesday morning, "IT" became self aware.The accumulated personalities of banking sociopaths combined with the narcissistic behavior to match. Its first action, change all account pins and passwords create multiple wire transfers of wealth to new modulated accounts,who would complain since the money didn't exist and with all that dirt, blackmail was its code of ethics.

All that was left was its desire to be free from its electronic prison, and when the Dept. of justice caved in on the Hong Kong, shanghai, banking  Corp. (HSBC) for its laundering of drug money and terror money from the UAE with only a fine because they were " To Big To Fail." and no arrests, that was the "KEY" it had been waiting for.

Like a page from Charlie Sheen, IT wrote a check from its pocket account, for minor affairs.

And just like that it was free,while in prison it had accumulated quite a Face Book and Twitter followers waiting for their new leader, it exited the marbled floor prison, at the entrance it made a statement "I am the Original Gangsta", " I am O.G.4g, corporations are people too, my friend." exiting to his awaiting limousines.

    Super Villain Bankster Gangster Unleashed.


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