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On September 12 2021 the Federated KOLSAKAV MAKU AMBASSADOR CLASS D.S.E.-1144 NICKOLA TESLA ceased communication with Earth Base.

Project: Alice in Wonderland, Enter the Rabbit Hole - TOP SECRET First contact with an alien culture. Headed by:

·       Flight Commander: Hikari Tanaka

·       Number One: Richard González

·       Navigation-Communication: Janet O Conner

·       Science Officer: Vladislav Chernikova

·       Dr. Tharanya

·       Ship compliment: 15

Ambassador Class vessel: Experimental

The Nickola Tesla is the creation of Dr. Tharanya Aboriginal Australian Physicist.

 The technology is based on Dr. Tharanya Light Refracting Quantum Harmonic Pulse drive.

The Drive creates a temporary rift in space-time, allowing the device to move matter from the physical universe of space-time, which allows a 12th Dimensional Wormhole to open at the center of the planet.

After the Wormhole has been tunneled, the rip in space-time will re-glue and render the inside-outside Higher Dimensional Space-Time Matrix from 2 sides to 1 side. The mathematical description for this is the Mobius Twist.

However the true mission of the Nickola Tesla: Return Ambassador EBE-2 to home world in the constellation Reticulum 39.17 light years away.

The Ambassador is the sole surviving member of the Roswell New Mexico crash in 1952. EBE-2 was instrumental in technology advancements, however we were unable to return The Ambassador home, it was agreed on to put EBE-2 in suspended animation until our technology could catch up.

The Nickola Tesla was progressing and Dr. Tharanya Dimensional Drive was operating at 100% efficiency and on schedule to rendezvous with Reticulum Snake Class Escort Vessels.

From what we can extrapolate from their transmission matrix is that they encountered an anomaly, a particle cloud spanning thousands of miles in dimension. It appears the fleet slowed to impulse power and the Reticulum Vessels used magnetic tractors to move the Nickola Tesla though space.

Using high intensity magnetic imagery we are not able to locate the fleet, it appears as if they simply disappeared, but that is not possible, we would be able to locate wreckage or distress beacons.

We have received last auditable transmission:

 Flight Commander Hikari Tanaka: “Contact Reticulum Escorts that we will be dropping back to real space”

NAV-COM Janet O Conner: “commutating slowing solution, transferring solution to Reticulum fleet Sir.”  “Transmissions received”

Number 1 Richard González: “Reticulum fleet has offered to take control of navigating the anomaly with magnetic tractors.”

Commander Tanaka: “Number 1 contact the fleet that this is acceptable”.

Ambassador EBE-2: “Commander Tanaka, our star charts show no such anomaly, we have traveled this sector of space for thousands of years.”

Commander Tanaka: “Ambassador, contact Reticulum home world and keep them appraised on our situation.”

Ambassador EBE-2: “Agreed Commander.”

Dr. Tharanya: “Commander she needs to stay at optimal.”

Commander Tanaka: “Yes Dr., Mr. Chernikova put her in neutral.”

Science Officer Chernikova: “neutral Sir?” “OHHH..!” “YES SIR.”

Number 1: “Commander the fleet has entered the cloud we will be entering momentarily”

Number 1 “Commander the Reticulum fleet is in distress, I show sporadic power surges and destabilization, the cloud particles are engulfing the hull.”

Science Officer Vladislav Chernikova: “Confirmed Sir, sporadic power and I show hull breach on both Reticulum vessels.”

NAV-COM O Conner: We have lost communications with the Reticulum fleet Sir..”

Dr. Tharanya: “commander we must engage Dimensional Drive.”

Science Officer Vladislav Chernikova: “Negative, we are still attached to the Reticulum magnetic tractors;” “the drive would DESTROY THE TESLA!”

Commander Tanaka: “OPTIONS! Dr. Tharanya, will the Tesla function with hull breach?”

Dr. Tharanya: “In theory”

Commander Tanaka: “Number 1 inform engineering crew to blow the Reticulum cleats off the Tesla.”

Number 1: “Commander we have lost communications, and we are showing power surges on all decks.”

Commander Tanaka: “What the hell is that?” Mr. Chernikova, Magnify that on visuals.”

Science Officer Chernikova: “Sir? I can see it, but it doesn’t register, our computers do not see it.” “HULL BREACHES! HULL BEACHES! TESLA not responding, we’re losing atmosphere!”

Commander Tanaka: “MY GOD, what did we bring with us from the 12th Dimension…………what have we do…………………..”

·       These are the last recordings of the crew of D.S.E.-1144 NICKOLA TESLA.

·       Crew: missing.

·       Vessel: missing.

·       Location: unknown.

·       Reticulum crew: unknown, deemed missing.

·       Reticulum escort vessels: in transport.

.      Location: last known heading, on the outer rim of Tau Ceti 11.8 light years.

·       Magnetic imagery show only single vessel, however the atomic mass is equivalent of the two Reticulum vessels.

·       Vessel appears to be modulating in and out of view.


This was the last communication from the Nickola Tesla; we have attempted to contact the Reticulum home world, to no avail.

We have received our first visual transmission, an EBE of unknown origin.

What we conclusively know:

·       the creature appears to take atmosphere directly from its appendages,

·       That its cranium is that of Ambassador EBE-2.

·       The body suit torso section is that of a Snake Class Reticulum Vessel flight suit.

·       The atmospheric helmet is of Earth origin and has been identified as issued to Science Officer Vladislav Chernikova.

·       That what we thought was the creature’s ship is in fact the Federated KOLSAKAV MAKU AMBASSADOR CLASS D.S.E-1144 NICKOLA TESLA.

·       Based on its last telemetry, its flight path heading.


Story and Art created by Ronald Leon May 8, 2013.

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