Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Granny, Need's A .... P.A.P.---- S.M.E.A.R.

That's right! Granny you need a... Photonic Artificial Pet---Solo Mechanized Auto Robot ! And who can give you a better   P.A.P.--- S.M.E.A.R. than your friends at HOTDAMMZILLA 10.0...Digging deeper to do it cheaper. 
we're all about the getting on the band wagon. So we're going GREEN and developing environmentally friendly products(while it's hip). Well here we go again,Hottdammzilla10.0's new handica.....oops! we mean "mobility challenged" SCOOTA-POOSI. With scoota poosi you'll be roll'n with style.Built with industrial strength construction and beefy all terrain tire's,you'll be singin'" there ain't no hill high enuff".built with BIO MECHNOTIC Positronic's scientific stuff, "SCIENCE!" Like Reese's Pieces, two things that go good together. A scooter and your little pussy Mr. Jingle's all wrapped in one!( like on the fly with Jeff Goldbloom, not the fly 2, it sucked ass).plug your kindle or droid smart phone in,read and talk at the same time or just surf the net, COWABUNGA DUDE! Able to take those sharp super market turns AT HIGH SPEED! that's right clean up on isle 5 bitches!And don't forget to use our M.C. bumper sticker,park where ever the hell you want.Low maintenance,plug in any outlet or feed it mice, birds, goldfish,can or dry cat food.this cat is low scat.Pick a color,eenie meenie minnie moe! And you get the "KITTY KLAW" security feature free, MEOW!     So get Granny what she wants, she'll be dying soon and don't forget our motto "your lazy, but we like your money!" we're GREEN so slip us some green,Granny wants her SCOOTA-POOSI today!

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