Friday, August 6, 2010

YOU ASKED FOR IT!!! The NEW ....MUTT 'O' BOT....JR !!!

Back by popular demand! At Hotdammzilla 10.0 we listen sometimes,but with all the overwhelming,site jamming mail over MUTT 'O' BOT, you've twisted are corporate arm.
So we have put all two of our research and development part time underpaid workers brainstorming ( one died from an overworked brain and exploded) that's how much we care about you. Close your eyes and behold and awe the FUTURE........MUTT 'O' BOT..JR. Lighter and faster and makes that cool sound like Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar man. Pack with all the gizmo's and gadget's you have come to expect. If you thought that lame Seg-way is cool,you'll be blown away with the MUTT 'O' BOT JR. It has BORG inspired technology like on STAR TREK, ( but without data or worf and ferengi's) but like that. And how can you lose with a cool acronym MOB-J, now that's gangsta, giving you valuable "street creds". Here at Hotdammzilla 10.0 we are constantly looking for a pulse from our customers, and remember our motto "YOUR LAZY, BUT WE LIKE YOUR MONEY." So order your MUTT 'O' BOt JR. today!!!!! 

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