Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Pilot Hunting Show !

Hello Everybody! and welcome to our NEW show!  OUTDOOR HUNT 'D' HUNTER with your hosts Buck and Stag. "I'm Buck" and  "I'm Stag". On today's show we're gonna give you a glimpse of the pray,"the homo sapien". A large and brutish beast, and some inside hunting tips on bagging a large one. Also we've got the inside skinny on 2 new updated products from your furry friends at R.A.D and skunKD. Sit back in you burrow and nibble on a Acorn."lets get this road on the show!"      
 For many thousands of years the (A. K.) animal kingdom has had a forest legend of a large beast that stood upright and devoured everyth..." Stag where did you go?" " What? nothing I dropped this pen.. err.. my pen fell under this table." "yeah right Stag." " Shut up Buck!" Like I was saying it devoured everything in its path, Our Doe's would tell us these tales to keep us from wondering out of the forest. And of the 2 lights that would come out of nowhere at night and HYPNOTIZE you, you would disappear never to be heard from again. "STAG! STAG!" "is it over Buck." "Has anyone ever told you your a sissy LA LA  Stag." " Shut up Buck!" Well today these forest legends are now facts,through modern science and forensics we are now able to classify the many variations of this creature,it's habitat,diet and social structure. It's quite a primitive beast, it eats everything,wastes everywhere,fights and kills it's own kind,multiplies out of control,and can take over any environment and leave it bare.We call it homo sapien, man." you should be a scary writer Buck." " You think so Stag, my Doe said I had the hoofs for it." " OOOhh Yeah !  HA HA DORK!"
 Hey you furry forest friends, if you never heard of these guys,well let us introduce you. Their R.A.D. !Rat Advanced Development,and they have been bringing some of the freshest new innovations to the hunting scene. On today's show R.A.D. brings us the HS 187 camocam. "You know buck this is a updated version of the HS 1020 with all new software from developer HOTDAMMZILLA 10.0." " That's right Stag,it's much lighter and that camo is spot on, clean and sano.Fully digitized with 10 gigs of memory,day and nite sensors,and 2 new aromatics cannabis and alcohol. And totally forest furry friendly."" All I can say is WOW, WOW and WOW!" " OK Stag they get it." " Hey Buck , knock knock." "this is childish, who's there stag.""WOW."
Next product we bring for you viewing consideration,is from those real stinkers over at skunKD. Well there is nothing rotten here with their all new SAPIENTECH10.0" I'm telling you Stag does it get any better than this! I don't think soooo.""Talk about thinking out of the box Buck, this mechanized HUNT O BOT has it all,as you can see this one is still under construction." " That's right Stag, when complete it will have state of the art full array of tasty armaments,twin A320 b Gatling guns will 5000 round magazines,full auto or 50 round bursts." " Hold on Buck you can't have all the glory,this mean,lean hunting machine also has a tasty compliment of 6 surface to air DNA tracing crowd pleaser missiles,and with a top speed of 45 M.P.H.you'll be home in time to watch porky pig." " Did you mention Stag, that there is room for 4 furry frolickers of 1 or various species,see manufacturer for details. And an otter hull capable of taking multiple hits." Did you get my funny play on words Stag I said otter instead of outer," "Who knew you where funny Buck,hint hint NOBODY!  Well forest folks that's our show for today,we're out of time,see you next time on OUTDOOR HUNTER 'D' HUNTER with Buck and Stag! OK  guys that's a wrap, good show. " I'm starving Buck I could really go for some alfalfa sprouts right now." " Stag I really need to lick my nuts, their ichin.. HEY IS THAT MIC STILL ON! SON OF A BITCH, TURN THAT THING OF............BBBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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