Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hey folks, have you ever wondered how many different ways TV can show the same crap?There must be something like 50 different spookynormal shows,and they all seem to hire the same lame dumbass hosts. I mean " dude I'm dead would be to much to ask to LEAVE ME THE F@&K ALONE!!"Heck why would I want to talk to you, you weenier bot, poonie eater. Hey I might be dead but I still have some self respect, at least I got a job now, and I"m real busy on Halloween, spookin ain't easy.
If you gotta bother someone go pester Casper, tell me how that works out.And who dresses these people, dude Velcro tennis shoes? Come on, really?And then they ask them to move shit and when they do, they scream like little girls " dude you just asked me to move shit, do I look like a trained seal?" So let me get this straight. You come to my house with all your stuff bring your retarded crew,rearrange my place, ask me really stupid questions,demand I do circus tricks, and then you get all bent out of shape when I don't wanna play. Here's a word for ya " Hey Doooshbags eat your mama's chocolate skidmarks!" Goodnight this job is killing me.

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