Monday, July 12, 2010


Hidee Ho Farmer ! Are ya spend'n ungodly amounts of time tillin' away n' harvesting at 3am in the mornin'. Ain't shaved , bathed and ya got a collection of moldy snack foods litterin' your room. But with all that hard work, are ya wundern'" I aint been gettin any gifts and my gold coin stack is low." All your neighbors around you are doin great. Well.... son I'm here to tell ya . YOUR TROUBLES ARE OVER! Move over beta version fv 1.0 welcome to the 21st century with our full tilt, high octane 10.0 HOTTANG-ZILLA    FV ANNIHILATION our new version comes complete with  6 tanks, 2 sam's, 10 rpg's, 500 troops, 4 cannons, 2 satellite's, 1 aircraft carrier and 6 jets. Now you can just roll on over and plunder! And don't fret those gold coins anymore and gifts, cause ya keep what ya plunder! AND REMEMBER KIDS: if you roll up on one neighbor that's wrong. but if you roll up on all of them that's emancipation.    so order your FV-A TODAY!


  1. A Good one for those Farmville crazy.

  2. Mad energy coming from this blog.. nice use of computer drawing, photos and .. mad energy.

    1. Thanks! that was the direction I was going.
      DaD O Matic :)


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