Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Last week was a milestone for facebook with half a billion users, it would appear everyone and their grandama is some how attached to facebook. There was also an introduction of a new rpg game.
Welllllll........! Hold on to yer petticoat junction! Here we go again,with HOTDAMMZILLA's 10.0 newest rpg game!!!! The all new NATIVE AMERICANVILLE !!!!! With N.A.V. your about to enter a whole new era in social network rpg gaming. Look at all the goodies that you get. to start you get your very own sovereign nation with all mineral and natural resource rights. Solid clad signed treaties and guaranteed compacts.Your very own security team, police force and a triple A rated legal team.Your saying "WOW", but that not all . you get a casino,resort hotel,tribal members,500 gaming tables and slots,convention center restaurant and a huge parking lot to start.And don't forget tax free cigarette's. When those pesky pale faces in their covered wagons from the east start showing up to strike their claim and homestead, it's no way kimosabe. "NO TRESPASSING".But you can hire a frontier person to work at the casino or the NAV farm corp.And forget about payment in gold coins. You can pay in wompum,beads and smallpox laced blankets. So get crackin' Jedediah, finish that cracker, cracka your 30 minute lunch break is over. We also added an "At work" feature to simulate a sales confrence on screen, so if and when your boss gets nosey he'll be thinking " thats my go getter!"and he'll find one your co-workers farm'n or frontier'n and now they can play a new game unemploymentville.So get those covered wagons a pack'n it's "Eastward Ho!" bitch's and remember kids: frontiering is just a fun word for Imperialism.

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