Friday, July 23, 2010

Take that Mr. E Bunny....A. K. A.....P. Cotton Tail

Well, Well looks like that little A. hole finally gets a little of what he's been dishing out." Here come's Peter Cotton tail hopping down the bunny trail.. "  blah, blah, blah. Running a little late there Pete, It's summer. Every year good little boys and girls go to task of hunting down pretty colored eggs. And what do they get , big old damm land mines by some dog in the hood, We are talking put some wheels on that thing and drive it away. I can still here my mom " don't eat that it ain't no almond joy!"And kids if it brown and surrounded by tall green grass it ain't no egg, just a reminder.and who came up with this stupid idea. I don't know ,but if you want to keep your kids happy buy them a 12 pack of pepsi,stick a hot dog in their mouth and boot them in the ass. and your asking why the heck is he yakking about Easter? when it's summer. Cause I can, so shut the hell up already, And thank you Mr. Charmin bear,but remember next time buy the 24 roll pack. And don't even get me started on the energizer bunny, Quik chocolate rabbit, and that "silly rabbit, trix R for kids" stuff. I will give you a sockeye salmon in the peeper..... I fell better now. where did I leave my pepsi.

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